February can be time for BIG sharks!

As we are now getting into February this is the time we start thinking about catching the ‘big boys’ again.  When temperatures warm up and the water gets in that mid 70 degree range, everything from big sharks, sawfish, goliath grouper, and tarpon get nice and happy and start to make their presences known here in Islamorada.  If things stay cold it isn’t always good but usually we start having stretches of warm weather and this is the time it starts, as we get into March and April it will be much more consistent.  Today we caught two big goliath groupers, one was 150 lbs!  Then we landed this beast of a tiger shark that was 300+ lbs!  All on medium 30 lbs spinning gear… what a battle!  Here is a video clip of the tiger shark.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


January Islamorada Shark Fishing

Well the weather is still fairly warm though we are suppose to get some cold sunday night.  Not terribly cold but will likely change things up a little for a few days.  Today we caught mackerels and did some shark fishing for the last couple hours of the day.  It was pretty good we found a bunch of tarpon rolling in a channel though we had no bites out of them.  But we caught a big blacktip and two monster bull sharks about 150 and 200 lbs!  What a battle on the spinning gear!  Anyways if it warms back up again we will likely have an early spring and that means big stuff… tarpon, sharks, sawfish, goliath grouper!  This winter has been warm so far so it wouldn’t surprise me if we get rolling steady with the big critters again after this little cold front.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk