3-11-13 First Tiger Shark of the Season!

Shark Fishing in Islamorada in March has turned on! I had EJ, his two sons Jamie and Jonathon, as well as their long time friend Rick out aboard the Bn’M on a Florida Keys Shark Fishing Charter. The wind was blowing 15 – 20 knots, make it 4 -6′ seas, but we chugged out to one of the “humps” offshore and made a day of it. We started out catching half a dozen small blackfin tuna for dinner, as well as bait if needed. After that we caught a couple amberjack in the 30 – 35 lb range. We definitely had the bait we needed for a big Tiger Shark now! We made our first drift and the deep rod gets a bite. Jamie fights the shark for 20 minutes and it winds up being an est. 275 lb bull shark! We take a few pictures and release shark. The next drift we hook a monster shark! He made a big run but then we lost him a few minutes later. After that we decided to make one more drift. We put the baits out and within 5 minutes the shallow rod starts screaming drag! Jamie gets in the chair again and goes to town on this beast. He did a great job on the drag and added pressure when needed. It took just over an hour to subdue the beast, but we got some great pictures and some video of a big Islamorada Tiger Shark! We released the est. 600 lb shark after the pictures to fight another day. Everybody was happy and Jamie was exhausted. We headed for the dock after that and will back after the sharks tomorrow! Send me an email if interested in a shark fishing trip!

Capt Nick Stanczyk