January islamorada shark fishing

Had Frank and Mina, two regulars, out today in the backcountry fishing islamorada. We stuck in the channels back there as it was blowing hard 20mph out of the south.  There aren’t many options in these types of conditions, but one that is good is islamorada backcountry shark fishing.  We caught plenty of ladyfish, trout, jacks, and pompano – all fun rod benders and goot eating too if your into that.  We saved the ladies for bait, one of my favorites for big sharks, sawfish, tarpon, or goliath groupers.  We were able to stake up in an area where we kept having action on the light tackle while putting a cut ladyfish on the bottom for sharks, killing two birds with one stone.  We even chummed a little, cutting many of the ladyfish to get things going.  The sharks fishing in flamingo wasn’t too active as january is a tougher time to catch them in the backcountry, but with the warm south wind the water temps were not too bad.  We had a few small blacktips bite that weren’t able to find the hook, but we ended up catching this nice 90 lb bull shark.  We headed in after that as we only had a half day, but goes to show you there are always some fun options even when the wind is howling when you go florida keys shark fishing in january.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk