January Shark Fishing! Big Bull for Greg!

Well the new year is upon us and we hope to catch and release many big boys while shark fishing in Islamorada. Today I had my friend Greg from Chicago out on the Bn’M and we started out by reef fishing. We caught multiple species of fish but then I decided I wanted to get a big Florida Keys Shark for ol’ Gregor. I had some bonito’s in the fish box from a few days ago so we put one on the big circle hook Shark Rig and sent it to the bottom. We were fishing near a wreck, where this time of year there’s usually a few sharks around, and today there was the one we were looking for. Within about 10 minutes the 50 wide reel, with 80 lb tuf line braid, doubled over and was screaming drag! Greg got the rod belt on and went to work. After about a 15 minute tug of war we had a 7′ Bull Shark next to the boat! The shark weighed close to 250 lbs and put up a great fight. After a few pictures we released the big shark to fight another day! Book your Islamorada Shark Fishing Charter today!

islamorada bull shark