2-20-13 Sandbar Shark for Dave!

The days are ticking towards the spring Islamorada Shark Fishing Charters, where it’s almost a guarantee you will have a shark bite if you put your time in. Yesterday I had Dave and Lacey out on the Bn’M for a Florida Keys shark trip and it was a fun day. We caught a bunch of different species, but the first one on the list was king mackerel. These mackerel make great shark bait since they are oily. Anyhow we went out to one of my favorite areas after catching a few king mackerel and sent down a few live baits to try for amberjack. These sharks also love eating amberjack, and since the amberjack spawn from March through May, it’s prime shark time! Unfortuantely out first few amberjack baits got bit of by barracuda, but then we finally hooked a double header and landed a pair of jack around 30 lbs a piece. After that I knew it was time to try for a shark. We rigged up some number 10 wire with a pair of 7/0 hooks and sent down a king mackerel. It didn’t take long to get a bite, maybe 5 minutes and we were hooked up 300′ down! After a 20 minute fight Dave had a 6′ , 125 lb sandbar shark boatside. We took a few pics and I shot a little underwater video. After getting a good look at our catch we released him to fight another day. If you want to go shark fishing in Islamorada, the next few months is prime time! Send me an email and let me know!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk