4-18-13 Week of the Tiger SHARKS off Islamorada!

It’s been a red hot shark bite off Islamorada the past 10 days. I have done three florida keys shark trips and have had great luck and success on each adventure! Yesterday on the 17th we started out the day by catching a few amberjack in the 25 – 40 lb range. These fish alone fight really hard, but we just wanted them for bait for the monster sharks we were going to chase afterwards. After catching our bait we ran out a little further offshore, and started drifting. On the very first drift we hooked about a 400 lb tiger shark. Jon was fighting that fish in the chair for about 20 minutes when all of a sudden an 8 foot 250 lb hammerhead shark swam up to the boat. We hooked on another bait and threw it in the water. In mere seconds the hammerhead gobbled up the bait and we had a double header of big sharks on! Jon released his tiger after about a 45 minute fight, and then his 12 year old son Reef got in the chair with his hammerhead shark. After about 30 minutes he released the hammerhead! The day was still early so we set back up and drifted again. This time we missed a shark bite. We continued to drift and sure enough we had two rods out and they both got slammed! Jon caught and released about a 200 lb brown shark and Reef was hooked up to a giant. After an hour he had an estimated 700 lb tiger shark boat side! What a day of Islamorada Shark Fishing! We finished up the day by catching a couple more amberjacks. A few days before that we had a couple down and Ray always wanted to catch a shark. We did the usual routine and caught a few amberjack first for bait and then started shark fishing. After an hour of fishing we hooked up and Ray caught and released the biggest fish of his life! An estimated 500 lb tiger shark! His wife was in the chair next, and I told them I wasn’t sure if we would have another shot, but sure enough the lady luck worked and within 45 minutes she was hooked up! After about a 40 minute fight she brought a 500 lb tiger shark boat side for a few pics before being released as well. I had one other shark trip a few days before that with a couple guys down from New York. We managed a tiger shark release for each of them, about 400 and 500 lbs, as well as a handful of amberjack. April Shark fishing in Islamorada is some of the most exciting stuff we have to offer here! There’s no guarantee you’ll catch a monster, but you have a really good shot with us aboard the Bn’M! Email me if interested in a shark charter!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk