2-15-13 Shark Fishing in Islamorada

The spring time is almost here, and that means one thing. Sharks, BIG SHARKS, are on their way. Now is when you want to book your Islamorada Shark Trip. We went out to the Hump yesterday, which is a large underwater sea mountain that comes up from 500′ to 290′, spending a few hours there fishing. Now we didn’t catch any sharks there, but we did catch a couple amberjack, and they spawn here in the Spring Time, and the Humps is where sharks feast upon the amberjack in a feeding frenzy. We did catch a couple amberjack yesterday, including a fat 75 lber. After that we did some “deep dropping” , which is bottom fishing in 500′ of water, and caught the rare Cat Shark. This is the biggest one of these I have caught, probably 3 1/2 feet long. The Day before we stopped at the hump for a few minutes and sent down a bonito for shark bait, and had a couple bites, but they appeared to be small sharks because we couldn’t hook them and got most the bait back each time. In another couple weeks we should be battling the sharks over the amberjack as we catch them on the hump. And if Shark Fishing in Islamorada interests you, the Spring time is when you want to try to get those big tigers, bulls, and hammerheads. When you use a 40 lb amberjack for bait, you know it’s going to be a big creature that eats it.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk