9-9-13 September Sharks…

Well the sharks have still been active with the fall tuna run out on the “humps”. The ”humps” are giant sea mountains that rise up hundreds of feet from the bottom 10 – 30 miles from Islamorada, Florida Keys. These are some of the best places to do heavy tackle shark fishing. We stopped by a hump yesterday on the 12th on the way home from deep dropping for swords, and within minutes we had a 300 lb dusky shark circling the boat. We didn’t put a line out for him though, we were trying to get home to weigh the sword we had in the boat. A few days earlier on the 9th though we hooked a cuban night shark down 1400′. The shark was over 7′ long and had a green reflective eye like a big cat. It was Ken’s first night shark, so after a quick pic we let him go to fight another day. The next couple months should provide shots at big bull sharks, silky sharks, and dusky sharks so send me an email at bnmcharters@gmail.com to set up a trip!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

7-23-13 Night Sharks in the Day!

A common shark caught off Islamorada at night time out in 1000′ to 2000′ of water is the cuban night shark. Occasionally we will catch them in the daytime, but deep down on the bottom compared to near the surface like at night. The other day we were out searching for swordfish, but since they weren’t biting, we tried a little shallower, only 1400′ down and sure enough we got a couple of shark bites! The first one was a big 125 lb cuban night shark, and the next drift we caught about a 70 lber. We had a lady angler from Texas who loved to catch anything that pulled, and these were her first night sharks. The florida keys shark fishing is always an option when you want something with big teeth and a big fight!

cuban night shark
cuban night shark