6-20-13 Mako and Hammerhead for the Bn’M

Aboard the Bn’M I started out this morning heading to one of the humps offshore of Islamorada. There’s been some tuna around and whenever that’s the case there’s always a shot at a shark. We got to the hump and caught a few tuna right away. We put out one live tuna for shark bait and then one dead one and started drifting. After about 10 minutes we got a bite. We hooked up about a 100 lb hammerhead and 14 year old Garrett got in the Chair. We had a second bite we missed while battling his, but after a 15 minute fight we had his shark boat side and released it after a few quick pics. Later on in the afternoon we went swordfishing, and about 3 p.m. we hooked a mako shark down about 1200′! After a 20 minute fight and some great pics we released an estimated 175 lb mako shark. That was the first mako I have caught in 7 years, and my second ever! There should still be some shark around the next few months so let us know when you want to try to get out there for some Shark Fishing in the Florida Keys!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk