8-19-13 Sharks are here with the Fall Tuna Run

The “humps” have been very active the last week here off the Florida Keys. There’s been lots of blackfin and skipjack tuna, which means the sharks aren’t far behind! We stopped by one of the Humps the other day and we hooked 10 tunas, but were only able to get 3 in because the sharks were eating them faster than we could bring them in. Since we did catch a few tuna, I rigged up our shark rod and put a live skipjack out for bait. It only took 60 seconds to get a bite, and after a 20 minute fight we had a 7′ long, 200 lb silky shark next to the boat. After a few pictures we released the fish. It was Paul’s goal to catch a fish over 100 lbs in his lifetime, and the shark was the ticket! His wife Melissa was up next, and at 105 lbs she was in for a battle. We put out another skipjack tuna, and within minutes she was hooked up to a monster. After a 30 minute tug of war, she had a 9′ long , 300 lb dusky shark boat side! She was exhausted but ecstatic! We took a few pics and released the shark to fight another day. If you’re looking for some monster shark fishing send me an email and we’ll give it our best shot!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk