3-25-13 Big Pulls by Bulls off the edge of the Reef!

It was a tough decision what to do today aboard the Bn’M while fishing off Islamorada. There was a band of bad weather with rain, lightning, and wind in it, all slowly moving through early in the morning. We were patient though and after waiting at the dock a couple hours we snuck out for some fishing. After catching a little bit of live bait we went to a wreck and caught a king mackerel and a bonito pretty quickly. I knew that March Shark fishing in the florida keys had been pretty good lately so I decided to send down the fresh mackerel for bait. After about 10 minutes we get a bite and the fight is on. The fish didn’t come up for about 15 minutes, so I assumed it was a bull shark, but then all of a sudden a big 250 – 300 lb goliath grouper popped up! We took some pictures and then vented the big fish for a successful release. After that we sent down the bonito. We didn’t get a bite right for about 20 minutes, and I considered giving up, but then all of a sudden the shimano 50 started screaming. We fought this fish for about 20 minutes and up swam a healthy 150 lb bull shark! We got some good pictures and then released the shark to fight another day as well. We also had a young 8 year old on the boat and in the midst of his grandpa fighting the bull shark he caught and released a small brown shark. Let me know when you want to go shark fishing in Islamorada! Send me an email!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk