4-1-13 Big Tiger Shark on April Fool’s Day!

Spring time shark fishing is probably the best time for sharks in Islamorada. We catch them both far offshore as well as on the reef. Yesterday aboard the Bn’M we fished a wreck near the reef and wound up catching a bunch of mackerel and using a couple for bait. We had a young girl catch and release a nice bull shark that we estimated at 225 lbs. Her brother then wanted a turn and caught and released a massive 200 lb nurse shark. Today aboard the Bn’M we went to the deep blue sea in search of “jaws”. I had our good friends from Kentucky out, big Jimmy and Little Jimmy. Since Little Jimmy was down on spring break I wanted him to have a shot at catching something he would always remember. We went about 15 miles off the coast of Islamorada and caught a big 55 lb amberjack to start. We then fought another amberjack up to the boat but lost it boat side as a massive tiger shark chased it around. After that happened we filleted up the big amberjack we had and did a drift. Within 10 minutes we had a bite and Little Jimmy went in the chair. I wasn’t sure what type of shark it was since we didn’t see it eat the bait, but after a 30 minute tug of war we had a big 500 lb tiger shark boat side! We took some video and then released the shark to fight another day. Let me know when you want to get out for a florida keys shark fishing charter and we’ll set something up! Send me an email!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk