January 2014 Sharkin’

Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I should have lately. We get rolling in our fishing season and just don’t get around to it as much as we should. The good news is there’s been plenty of sharks out there to catch the last few weeks! We have been fishing aboard my boat, the Bn’M II. Way offshore on the humps there has been some big dusky sharks. We had a 14 year old kid catch and release a 300 lb dusky shark at the end of December. The Shark fishing near the reef has been good for the Bull Sharks. They are big bruisers and great fighters! We let one go around 200 lbs we caught on stand up tackle a few days ago, and the week before that we also let go another big bull shark around the same size. There’s also been some small atlantic sharpnose sharks on the reef too. They are fun little fighters on light tackle! Send me an email at bnmcharters@gmail.com when you are ready to go catch your monster shark!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk