March Shark Fishing in the Florida Keys

It’s the spring time and sharks are all throughout the backcountry and gulf of Islamorada.  March Islamorada Shark Fishing back there is lots of fun.  We’ve been getting black tips,  lemons, bulls, and hammerheads on a regular basis.  Today we caught 2 hammerheads and multiple black tips.  Also a few big nurse sharks that show up this time of year too.  We caught one yesterday with a following cobia on him which was pretty cool.  Caught the cobia on a jig and shrimp.  Offshore you can get big sharks now too, especially the large tigers and hammerheads that are feeding on spawning amberjack.  Don’t forget about large tarpon too that we are regularly fishing for.  You can fish for big sharks and have a shot at getting them too!  The florida keys march shark fishing trips are in full swing.  Give us a call you can fish in the day or early evening for them with great success!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk