December Shark Fishing in Islamorada

We’ve had a streak of warm weather here in the Florida Keys.  Since a bit before christmas we’ve been enjoying highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s.  Sharks in the backcountry have been prevalent.  This time of year, big bruiser black tips are normal out in the gulf and in the channels of the everglades.  Today we caught about 15 of them and it was very fun.  These massive ‘spinner sharks’ can jump and put on a show similar to that of a tarpon.  They can give you a good 30-45 minute fight sometimes.  There have even been a handful of tarpon around speaking of them, we jumped a few off the other day and saw some today but did not get any bites.  We’ve also been catching some lemon and bull sharks since it’s been warm.  The bulls have been back near the mainland areas and canals, and lemons are commonly fround cruising the flats when the water is warm as this.  Give me a call if your interested in pulling on JAWS!  Islamorada shark fishing is fun for the whole family.  Especially on our trips we often catch small ‘rod bending’ stuff such as mackerel, ladyfish, etc… that we save for bait for the big boys.  It’s great for kids and adults.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk