March Shark Fishing Islamorada

Big sharks are around.  We caught some big boys out in the gulf today.  We’ve been getting plenty of blacktips and lemons in the backcountry fishing for tarpon as well.  But today we had big 300 lbers on the line.  They were ferocious!  Here’s a picture of one that actually ate a smaller shark.  We were fighting it and the bigger bull shark grabbed it and took us for a ride.  We landed the shark only to notice that it wasn’t even hooked – it was just holding on to the smaller shark in its jaws and would not let go.  As soon as we snapped a few pictures, it ate the rest of the shark!  Big monsters like these are caught regularly on the ‘gulf wrecks’ along with plenty of other great sharks in the backcountry of the florida keys.  This time of year there are plenty of tarpon around too, plus big giant ‘sawfish’ and goliath groupers on the wrecks as well.  It’s the time of year to catch something BIG!