December shark fishing in islamorada

The big blacktips are on the feed now here in the backcountry of Islamorada.  We’ve had action with them especially on the falling tides in the gulf.  It’s been a very warm winter so other sharks such as lemons and bulls can be caught in the backcountry channels and bays too.  Today we were out mackerel fishing in the gulf and we hooked up this big tiger shark!  It was definitely a treat for my angler who really wanted to catch a shark.  We were lucky as we only had one other shark bite on our half day trip, and that was a large blacktip that broke us off instantly.  But the tiger we got up to the boat and got some nice pictures.  We also caught plenty of mackerel.  Anyways if the weather patterns hold we should have good shark action throughout the winter and Spring is always a great time for shark fishing.  Plus you get plenty of tarpon around then too!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk